Shelter Construction

Shelter Construction Project in Awaran District

A huge earthquake has hit the AWARAN district of Baluchistan linked with district Khuzdar Lasbela, Panjgur and Turbat. 130 KMs from Bela to Awaran, 400 KMs from Khuzdar to Awaran. More than 1000 people were died because of the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the area on September 24 2013. The government authorities were made an appeal for quick support to help for those affected people. Around 1500 or more people were injured. District Awarn were affected bad and its two tehsils were highly affected. The Earthquake started its affect from Dandar (adjacent to UC Gishkor of Awaran) and continued toward North of Awaran, damaging the belts of UC Gishkor, UC Teertage (including Malar Cluster), UC Awaran (villages/cluster of Niabat, Labach, Peerandar), Tehsil Mashky UC Parwar and parts of UC Nokjoh and Gajar. District Turbat Tehsil Hoshab (UC Dandar) many deaths tool and 90% HH damaged fully. UC Gishkor (north belt of UC) with 75% HH damaged and many death tools UC Teertage 100% HH damaged (Comprising Cluster of Malar) with many causality, Village Labach, Niabat, Peerandar of Awaran Town 95% HH damaged several death tool, UC Parwar (affected area: Manguli) of Tehsil Maskey with several deaths and 100% HH damaged UC Gajar and Nokjo of Tehsil Mashkey with many death tool.
Women Development & Community Organization being one of the humanitarian organizations who already worked with communities in the earthquake affected area of district Awaran and responded with the mandate of provision of relief services to the disaster affected communities and planned to launch a project as a part of immediate recovery interventions which is the provision of shelters for earthquake affected homeless community and destroyed families in affected areas of Awaran. This type of damages is on an increase, due to changing weather patterns. Balochistan is situated in a highly active seismic region and experienced major earthquake in previous years in which thousands people mostly children lost their lives. The earthquake affected an estimated 0.4 million people in the districts of Balochistan. According to the assessment of UN Ouacha an estimated 0.1 million children (of which 102000 children are under the age of five) are directly affected by the disaster. The assessment also indicates that 10000 homes were damaged or destroyed causing the huge of 430990 people. A majority of the destroyed people are living under the open sky at their destroyed homes, infrastructure and livelihood. Women Development & Community Organization with the support of Muslim Charity UK has constructed Permanent shelters for earthquake affected families in Jabri of Tehsil Mashkey where the earthquake affected families are living under the open sky. Initially WDCO has constructed 8 shelters for vulnerable families and WDCO has planned to construct more shelters in this areas.

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