School Construction

Renovation of Education and Construction of School at Suhbat Pur District of Balochistan
As an example since many years when many of school buildings has completed their ages or destroyed during natural disasters in Balochistan, the proposed school has been using teachers homes open space for continuing educational classes, where the school enrolment has since gone down from 370 students to about 80 currently. The major constraint for children and parents is that the most nearby primary schools are between the walking distances of 6 and 7 kms or 1 hour respectively. The school pass rate has been unsatisfactory due various reasons like unavailbity of educational equipments, books, desks, drinking water, latrine, hand washing places etc.
Women Development & Community Organization WDCO has initiated to improve Infrastructure of Govt. Girls Schools in Balochistan, Pakistan. The thrust of WDCO is to assist the govt. girl’s school in rehabilitating infrastructure. WDCOs main concern is the realization of sustainable development in which the children, teachers and the community are involved in positive activities that will ensure socio-economic welfare in the entire locality and ensure proper learning environment by providing habitable accommodation. It is also in a way assisting Government attention to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by providing ablution facilities at the schools. The aim of this project is peaceful co-existence and development in which everyone participate equally and effectively in problem and solution identification and where local communities, governments and other developmental bodies facilitate and carry out skills transfer to the younger generation who are not fortunate enough to be afforded or even to go to school.
WDCO has succeeded to identify three govt. girls’ schools for renovation and infrastructure rehabilitation at Suhbat pur district of Balochistan. This can provide support to involve girls in education to reduce poor literacy rate in Balochistan. Regarding our previous interventions we observed that the local community and leadership have been very supportive and are doing their part by providing other materials like labor etc.
In order to realize its WDCO has been assist to the international donors in mobilizing resources to build one class room with Waranda and boundary wall to rehabilitate the government girl’s school Dawood khan (phaal) with the support of Muslim Charity. The construction cost including administrative cost is PKRs 759509/ were kindly donated by the Muslim Charity in UK and work will be started after funds transfer.

The government girl’s primary school village Dawood khan (Phaal) was selected for piloting the renovation of education programme in Balochistan, Pakistan. The project has begun in early days of February 2014, and it is now in process to completing the construction phases. Since inception of this project, WDCO management has consulted with provincial & district education representatives to initiating the education related projects for new generation of country.

This project is helping out the education system in Balochistan to initiate some serious steps to elaborate the dimensions of standard education as well as this project is diverted the vision of local population to motivate and built pressure on the policy makers bodies for improving and strengthening educational institutions in this province.

WDCO has also documented the process of construction of school building, the stamps papers of land transfer in the name of School, forming/strengthening PTMC and dialogues with communities for motivating them about importance of girl’s education.
WDCO has started the construction process of school and also the local cultural bearers have been putting on the front for ensuring the security/privacy of girl’s students.
In phase (1) of the project, WDCO will construct 1 classroom which will have one door and four windows each and will be 14 feets long and 12 feets wide along with boundary wall and Waranda. The walls and the floor will be made as per requirement; the doors and windows of metal and the roof of RCC. Once construction work is completed, classrooms will be fitted with chairs in phase two of the project to prepare the school to start operating learning and teaching activities at the end of August 2014. The classroom will be used to teach the students in the morning. The WDCO team will reform Parents, Teachers School Management Committee PTMC and will mobilize the parents and local community members to make sure their contribution for the construction of buildings and contribute other locally available techniques towards this project.
This project will also provide the community in appreciating the importance of sending their children to school. WDCO being former students should motivate the girls to emulate and believe that nothing is impossible if they work hard.


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