Girls Second Chance to Education (GSCE)

Project Title:                      Girls Second Chance to Education (GSCE)

Project Location:                Two Union Councils of District Sohbatpur (UC Hamid Pur & UC Sohbatpur)

Project Duration:                15 Months

Donor:                               USAID SGAFP NRSP


Through the intervention Women Development Community Organization (WDCO) aims to establish and run Four (4) Middle Schools for Girls who could not continue education due to non-availability of middle school in two Union Councils of District Sohbatpur, for a period of 15-months.

Objectives of the Proposed Project:

To provide education facility to girls through establishment of 4 Middle Schools in two UCs of District Sohbatpur. This objective will be achieved through following specific interventions:

  • Provision of Furniture and Sports material;
  • Hiring of teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • Formation of 9-member PTSMCs in each school;
  • Training of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff;
  • Creating awareness among Community and parents; and
  • Running Enrollment Campaign for girl’s education.

Organization plans to establish Four (4) Girls Middle Schools in both UCs (2 HamidPur; 2 Sohbatpur). Identification of location for schools in both UCs is finalized in line with the following criteria:

  • Have enough need/students in the vicinity for school establishment;
  • The minimum enrolment is not less than 50/100 students at Middle level;
  • Must have three (3) rooms spacious enough for comfortably accommodating 50 students in each;
  • Must have 2 functional washroom facilities for students; and
  • Must have adequate ventilation, electricity and drinking water supply.
  • Must have 2 rooms for staff room and principal/headmistress with Bathrooms
  • Must have space available for student playing area.

III – Providing Material:

a)      Right in the beginning of the project, Project Steering Committee (PSC) has been formed having representation from WDCO, Education department and community. The role and responsibility of PSC are:

  • To Monitor and report on project progress;
  • To finalize a selection criteria for girls to be selected;
  • To monitor the implementation of project and troubleshooting;
  • To hire teachers in consultation with education department;
  • To coordinate with relevant stakeholders including education department both at district and provincial level;
  • To Liaison with education department for overall project activities i.e., site identification and finalization, selection of courses, hiring of teachers, lesson planning and selection of girls students.

b)      Once the premises are occupied, relevant material/equipment will be provided to ensure smooth functioning of newly established schools. Education department Sohbatpur has shared below list of necessary items which will be provided to each school:-

To ensure child friendly and conducive environment of each school, following playing items will be given for co-curricular activities: 

  • Frisbee – 6 No’s
  • Hula Hopes – 6 No’s
  • Foot Ball – 6  No’s
  • Basket Ball – 6 No’s
  • Skipping Rope– 12 No’s

One of the teachers will be assigned responsibility for the effective utilization of playing items and their maintenance in each school.

IV –Building Capacity:

c)       For smooth implementation of project activities, WDCO has proposed to hire both teaching staff as well as non-teaching staff for the newly established school, keeping in view the requirements of Education Department. As per proposed staffing plan, following teaching and non-teaching staff will be hired in each school:

 d)      Once the hiring process is complete for targeted 4 schools, WDCO plans to undertake a five days capacity building exercise for the newly hired teachers for starting the newly established school and setting up the classes. This will broadly cover the following topics such as Vision for School; Exploring Current Program for accelerating girls education in rural Balochistan; Strengths and Influence as a Teacher; Unit overview and Lesson Plans; Equality & Inclusion; Seeing the World through Children's Eyes; Nature of Active Learning in Different Subjects; Exploring How Beliefs & Assumptions Shape Teaching; Classroom Free From Fear: Positive Classroom Management; Strategies for effective classroom management in multi-grade setting; Promotion of school education From Classroom to Community; Strategies to promote community involvement/ PTCs/SMCs; and Motivating Teachers for Change.

V – Creating Awareness and Enrollment Campaign:

e)      To create awareness among communities and general public about importance of girls education, the organization will hold village level meetings, sessions and group discussion with community elders, religious, traditional and elected leader’s – 01 each for females and males separately – with each session attended by around 50 participants.

These sessions will be conducted by Social Organizers at suitable place/premises who will stress importance of girl’s education and their admission in schools. They will also collect data of currently enrolled children and out of school girls. This will form the basis of targeting those parents whose girls could not continue their studies due to non-availability of middle school awareness sessions. 

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