Clean Drinking Water for All


Water is essential for every human being for survival in the world and clean drinking water is gift from the nature to protect from deadly diseases. Balochistan is thirsty since centuries and its dry land depicts horrible signs on the faces of local residents. Draughts, extremely down surface water level and contaminated water ponds causing huge human illness in the interior parts of the province. Keeping in view the desire need of southeastern region of Balochistan province and huge level spread of waterborne diseases among the marginalized communities of Nasirabad division, WDCO with the support of Muslim Charity UK has installed 470 water hand pumps in schools, masajid, community communal places and health centers. The every village hand pump is providing safe drinking water. It is conveniently located, and reducing the amount of time that girls and women spend carrying water from far flung areas and protecting them from deadly diseases. Every hand pump is proving 600 litters to 20 families in a day that appropriately fulfilling 150 individuals’ needs on daily basis. According to impact assessment report, all the installed 470 hand pumps are providing 282000 litters to 9400 families in a day that appropriately fulfilling 70500 individuals’ needs on daily basis.


The overall objective of this project is “to access clean drinking water at door step of grassroots communities of Balochistan province, so that the innocent lives saved from waterborne diseases”


Duration: 7 months

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