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In Balochistan 16 districts Specially Naseersabad and Sibi Divisions hit by the floods in 2010. The population hit estimated to be 0.7 Million in Jafferabad, which was the most and badly affected district of Balochistan. Flood had made destruction on the lives of a large number of populations those were living in rural areas. Jafferabad is situated on the border line of Sindh-Balochistan. Most of the villages which were made of mud houses are destroyed. The families hit by the flood, either moved to one of the 4 camps established by the Government/NGO’s, open place or to their relatives. The camps were situated in the educational institutes and all of them were closed just after Eid as the schools were reopened. The community’s have moved either to their shambled houses or their relatives and waiting for support. The families have lost their belongings including property documents, National Identity Cards being the documentary proves.

The floods not only damaged property, agricultural land, homes, and schools, but also resulted in trauma, fear and anxiety among the affected population, particularly children and women. The community supportive mechanism for the protection of children and women has also destroyed. During the floods crisis, children witnessed death of family members, mass destruction of property, and displacement from homes. Women Development & Community Organization has started child protection and child friendly specs project in four tehsils of district Jaffarabad. The project aims at creating a comprehensive and integrated protective environment for girls & Boys against violence, exploitation and abuse and to increase vulnerable children’s access to non discriminatory and inclusive protective services and strengthening the community based supportive mechanism which ensure children protection and well being at local level. Also the project has provided cooked food to those children who have facing nutrition problems.

The project’s specific activities include:

• Establishing Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs) where children are provided with recreational activities psychosocial support, health and hygiene/CP key messages and referral services;
• The children who were facing nutrition problems, have been provided cooked food on daily basis
• Provide psychosocial support to traumatized women and children.
• Formation of Child Protection Committees (male &female)
• Establishment of children clubs with peer educators
• Legal services for extreme vulnerable cases and family support for birth registration
• Identification and registration of the unaccompanied separated and missing children and make sure those children are reunified with their families or live in a family based care system.
• Identification of Child protection cases of girls and boys in need of assistance to make sure that they are well protected and referred to available mainstream facilities and services. Sharing the data to District Social Welfare Department and the respective mandated coordination mechanism for their follow up like CP sub cluster.
• Forming Mobile Child Protection teams to facilitate children and adolescent groups and other EVIs access to government compensation packages and to basic relief support.
• Capacity building of NGO, CBOs and government official on child protection issues and protection services
• Mass awareness raising/communication campaign on child protection.

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