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WDCO is more focus to actively create a response and effectively address the quick growing problem of children and adolescents, being excluded from the mainstream formal education system and because of no education. Due to this they will be left out from any kind of meaningful livelihood opportunity, nor can they have a dignified and honorable life, in fact such youth and people in general have no space to be engaged effectively in the socio economic development of the society, and personally they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities towards their families too, the result is usually to join negative forces or end up a weak depressed person. WDCO organized “Active Citizenship Course in forty five 50 community learning centers of five different districts of Balochistan including Sibi, Bolan, Nasirabad, Jaffarabad and Jhall Magsi. This is a beginner level course for 14-19 years old youth. This help the illiterate/ out of school students to understand the basic concepts of transformative citizenships and learn basic skills for generating action on community level. The course is based on the combination of theory and ground realities. It proposes developing a program that enables awareness and creates capacity for action for social change among those on the peripheries of society the poorest, illiterate and most vulnerable groups. WDCO selects those who are most disenfranchised from social and political systems including those who have never been to school; those whose powerlessness is tied to economic systems. The approach is participatory that draws on people’s strengths and life experiences, and draw connections between people’s lived realities and the structures under study, to draw out how interconnected and critical the notion of citizenship is. Through this process WDCO has trained more than 1000 young youth in 50 communities of Balochistan. They are now service as agent of social economic and political change.


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