Within this conceptual framework, WDCO started its field operations in Jaffarabad district in the year 2000. From the outset, partnership with selected CBOs was developed and efforts were made to enhance managerial and technical capacities of individuals and institutions. Dialogues with partners identified that WDCO should focus on women and rural development for combating poverty and related hazards as drugs, malnutrition, economic stress of the rural and marginalized people. WDCO focused partnership meetings with CBOs, which were made part of all interventions, and held fairly regularly. This led to the understanding within community for development and ownership. WDCO partners identified the issues that became subjects of project development. The projects were developed under WDCO thematic areas. Several donors supported projects under these themes and the management tried to establish and intensify linkages between various projects and programs.

Women Development & Community Organization (WDCO) was established in the month of year 2000 and the organization is registered under Social Welfare Act 1961. WDCO envisions a society in which all citizens, irrespective of their gender, class, religion or sect, have equal opportunity for growth, and participation in local and national affairs.

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Women Development & Community Organiztion(WDCO)

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